Neil Cox


Neil has always been a bit of a nutter for conservation and the environment, drawing and painting wildlife from an early age. "I was born in 1955", he says, "so you can easily count the years from when I was able to hold a brush and put paint on paper. I read law, you know - and I suppose that, strictly speaking, I should now be sitting on my backside in some office, boring myself and everybody to bits. But the reactions I got from the art world very early on, decided me to go where my mind and heart really led so that's what I did and I've felt very relieved about it ever since."

Tying up his two interests in a very neat fashion, he's used his paintings at Christies and Sotherby's auctions to help raise funds for the Rhino Rescue Trust.

He lives near the coast, in countryside oozing with wildlife. He says: "The area's stunning. It gives me everything I want for my work. But then, I always think that wherever people live, there's a lot of wild life for anybody to spot if they have eyes to see. I dare you to go out for a walk and not see one bird, one animal, one insect... it's impossible, I'm very glad to say."